Q 1:

How can I get catalogues or purchase an OS locomotive at reasonable price?


We would request you to contact distributors listed in this web site. They will take a proper action for you. In nations not listed on this web site, please contact directly to OS using email address below. OS will take a proper action for you. Loco-info@os-engines.co.jp Retail prices listed on this web site are only reference for you. They vary depending on a nation's taxes, transportation cost, etc.

Q 2:

Which do you recommend to use coal or liquefied propane/butane gas for fuel?


We recommend you to use coal for all OS locomotives, since you can get more enjoyments by handling miniature coal and emitting smoke/steam same as real classical locomotives. But if you don't like to emit smoke, you can use liquefied propane/butane filled in a cylinder instead for all OS locomotives. For ROCKET, however, cassette filled butane is most recommended due to smallness of the locomotive.

Q 3:

Can I purchase only locomotive parts ?


We have most parts of locomotives listed on OS catalogue. Please order parts to concerned dealer/distributor or OS Engines Co. after checking size and shape on OS catalogue.

Q 4:

How many people can OS locomotives carry at the same time?


Listed below is rough data at flat course for your reference.

Capable number of people to carry
Locomotive Weight Adults Children
MOUNTAIN 93 lbs, 42 kgs about 40 about 50
KOPPEL 94 lbs, 43 kgs 5 to 6 7 to 9
PORTER 18 lbs, 8 kgs 3 to 4 4 to 6
KRAUSS 36 lbs, 16 kgs 2 to 3 3 to 5

Q 5:

How many days does an average person need to complete an OS locomotiveKit?


Although the days vary depending on the products, an average person can complete a kit in three to five weeks when he make two hours on week days/Saturdays and 7 hours on Sundays.

Q 6:

Do I need a special cutting machine to make the kit?


OS locomotive kits can be made by using only hand tools.

Q 7:

How shall I do when I lost or broke a locomotive part?


We have most of parts on stock. So, you can purchase, or replace when it belongs to a warraty

Q 8:

Do we need an optional parts?


OS locomotive kits basically provides with enough required functions to work. However, if you wish to add better functions and better appearance, we recommend to separately purchase an optional parts.

If you have any other questions/inquiries, please let us know through the following email address or Fax to OS Engines Co. in Japan.
Fax: 81-6-6704-2722